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Clinical Nursing Services

District Nursing

District Nursing services are available to eligible members of Lake Bolac and District community in their own homes. The aim of our service is to work in partnership with clients and carers to identify and attend to each individual’s health needs.

-District nursing services provided by Registered Nurses

-Clients may self refer or be referred by health service or practitioner.

-Eligibility is assessed on an individual basis.

-Services offered include: wound care, medication management, pathology collection, personal care, continence advice and products.

Accident and Emergency Nursing

-First line emergency care is provided by the staff from the Lake Bolac Bush Nursing Centre in partnership with Ambulance Victoria.

-We have 6 Registered Nurses that hold Remote Area Nursing (RAN) competency. Our RAN’s are able to provide a range of emergency care treatments including administering medications to stabilize the patient prior to hospital transfer by ambulance.

-The centre is well equipped with a range of emergency equipment.
Community members must dial 000 in the event of a medical emergency.

If a RAN is available to attend a RAN response is activated via the 000 emergency paging system.

Pallitive Care

-The Lake Bolac Bush Nursing Centre is able to provide in home Palliative care for clients who require care during a terminal illness.

-The aim of the service is to provide individualised care for the client and their family, offering physical and emotional support during their illness.

-LBBNC Staff work in conjunction with visiting Palliative Care services from East Grampians Health Service

Post Acute Care

The aim of this program is to assist people in recuperating after hospitalisation. This is generally provided on a short term basis of 1 to 2 weeks post hospital discharge. An individual assessment is conducted to enable provision of appropriate services such as wound care, personal care, medication management, meals on wheels and home care. Funding for this service is provided through the discharging hospital. All patients receiving treatment in a public hospital are eligible for post hospital support for a variety of services subject to individual hospital assessment criteria. This care provision is negotiated by your discharging hospital with our nursing staff. What we require from your discharging hospital:

-Interagency transfer details (SCTT)
Supply of extraordinary dressing requirements

-Long term medication chart filled in by discharging Medical Practitioner should you require medication management

-Prescriptions to fill dosette/arrange for Webster pack

-Post acute care agreement

Hospital in the Home

This program is designed to provide acute care to patients in the home. The aim of the program is to:

-Provide individualised and holistic care to patients requiring home based acute nursing care. We aim to provide continuous patient care from the hospital to the home.

-The patients remain classified as inpatients for the duration of ‘hospital in the home’ episode

-The funding for this care is provided by the hospital the patient is aligned with.

-Individual assessments are essential to determine eligibility for the program

-The hospital will coordinate the care from hospital to home and monitor progress daily with the assistance of nursing staff of the Lake Bolac Bush Nursing Centre.

-A range of care is provided through the Hospital in the Home program. Most commonly the care is to provide ongoing medication management and wound care

Access to Psychiatric Services

The Lake Bolac Bush Nursing Service works in close conjunction with Grampians Psychiatric Services based in Ararat. We are a referral point for clients requiring assessment and support through this service.

Collection of Pathology Specimens

Pathology collections services are provided at the Lake Bolac Bush Nursing Service Monday to Friday between 9am and 12midday free of charge. Courier collection is also on a daily basis. Patients need to bring the pathology advice slip from their doctor.

Continence Care and Advice

Nursing staff are able to provide advice and support through provision of aids for continence issues. Registered nurses at LBBNC are able to refer to the Grampians Region Continence Service.

Access to Medications

Lake Bolac Bush Nursing Centre has a range of over the counter medications available for purchase by members of the Centre. Scripted medications are delivered Tuesday and Friday afternoons from Mortlake Pharmacy.

Wound Care 

The registered nurses are able to provide a range of wound care services to clients. We also have a range of dressing supplies available for purchase.


Lake Bolac Bush Nursing Centre has registered immunisation nurses on staff to ensure timely access to all immunisation requirements. This includes fluvax and Government recommended vaccinations. Contact the Centre for more information on (03) 53558700. A child health nurse / immuniser also visits the centre every fortnight

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