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All clients have the right to have someone represent their interests in achieving best possible health outcomes. Advocates can assist with complaints or disputes with the centre or to help the client understand any aspect of services delivered by the Centre. An advocate can be a relative, friend, neighbour, social worker or someone from an advocacy service. 


Advocacy is about providing active support for another person or group, to help ensure that their health wishes are being heard and that their rights are respected and protected.

An Advocate

An advocate is someone who intercedes or acts on behalf of another person. Should you require any further information please contact the Centre Manager of the Lake Bolac Bush Nursing Centre. Alternately, if you prefer to use an external body, independent of the Lake Bolac Bush Nursing Centre, please contact: Murray Knight 53502373

Office of the Health Services Commissioner

This office answers questions and deals with complaints about health services in Victoria. Ph: 1800 136 066 or (03) 8601 5200 Fax: (03) 8601 5219 Website:

Office of the Public Advocate

This office protects the rights of people with disabilities and can assist if there is a complaint about services, care or treatment of the disabled. Ph: (03) 9603 9500 1300 309 337 Website:

Elder Rights Advocacy

This office provides advocacy services to consumers in residential care. Level 2, 85 Queen St Melbourne VIC 3000 Ph: 1800 700 600 or (03) 9602 3066 Fax: (03) 9602 3102 Website:

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